Inside Out Review

Inside Out Review

Inside Out Review – Inside Out is an English animated comedy- drama released in 2015. The plot revolves around a little girl Riley as her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, the five different emotions in her struggle to help her cope up with the new environment.

When I saw Pixar’s Up I realised that the animated movies have a new definition now and they are no longer the cute ones to woo the kids but can be emotionally engaging to adults as well. Inside Out takes it to the next level. Although there are plenty of elements for the kids to enjoy, the core of the movie deals with the inner self of human behavior. It is philosophical and explores the deepest part of a human mind and has reflections drawn on how it affects our behavior and decisions.

The emoticons are cute, with happiness, sadness, anger having a much larger part to play compared to disgust and fear. This is again true to human emotions. There are a lot of parallels you would see in the movie. The entire world as perceived by the inner mind has been creatively designed. The credit sequence at the end of the movie is also very good and funny so don’t miss that one.

High Points: The plot for the movie is phenomenal, the screenplay and the execution is wonderful, the animation quality is good as you would expect from a Pixar movie.

Low Points: There are not much of low points for this movie.

Overall Inside Out is not yet another animated movie that teaches moral values to the kid. But its much more than that. It is a movie that every adult should watch. Of course, you could watch this with your kids. If you haven’t seen this rent it out and watch it.

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  1. Sounds too good! For some minion-fan reason, it is the movies like Minions which got more shows and a longer run when this got like one or two shows somewhere.

  2. I like watching animated films more than the usual ones…coz it has innocence and a soul (: … Dispicaple is one for instance, Shreak too and Looney tunes and much more… these days we all want softer stuff to watch and digest… other movies can take a toll if your not a movie buff…so I will check this movie out then… Crimson Peak was another I want to check out… Horror but yeah creative and spooky, rather creeky bigggg timmee

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