The Gift Review

The Gift Review

The Gift Review – The Gift is an American psychological thriller released in 2015.  A young married couple Simon and Robyn moves from Chicago into a Los Angeles suburb where they meet Gordon, a high schoolmate of Simon. Gordon starts interfering in their life by giving numerous gifts which make Simon uncomfortable.

A psychological thriller need not be the one that takes you to a different world and send chills through your spine, but it can be the one which narrates a sequence of simple incidents but still instill a fear in you for the probability of finding yourself in such a spot. The Gift movie is very successful in doing that to you. The movie is slow but nevertheless keeps you glued to the screen till the end. The entire tone of the movie is kept gloomy to reflect the mood of the film. The characters are sketched brilliantly to increase the tension as the movie progresses. The climax is sure to leave you dumbstruck. Director and actor Joel Edgerton steals the show with his performance. His composed acting is a major plus for the film. After seeing him in movies like Exodus  Gods and Kings, this one is a very contrast role for him and he proves he has the variety in him.

If you have watched a lot of psychological thrillers, in particular, South Korean movies, then you may not find this to be an extraordinary movie. If you haven’t watched many then you might find this very thrilling.

High Points: The characterization, Development of the plot, The ending of the movie, Joel Edgerton’s performance a Gordo.

Low Points: The pace of the movie is a bit slow and may not work for all.

Overall if you love psychological thrillers then The Gift is truly a gift you would enjoy watching.

Worth a Watch

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