Chi Chi Man Short film

Chi Chi Man Short Film

Chi Chi Man Short Film – Chi Chi Man is a short film on awareness on child abuse. The film is directed by Neelam Singh.

In the recent past, we have been witnessing a growing number of cases of child abuse. Is it happening newly or is it that people have openly started talking about it now. Whatever be the case it is the most heinous crime that we should stand against and enforce strict actions against it.

Does creating and enforcing law and order sufficient to curb it? Well, it is a very sensitive issue and many a time a child may not even realise that she is subjected to sexual harassment. Given our conservative society parents often hesitate to talk about it to their kids so that they understand the perils in it. Even if they wanted, parents struggle to find a way to explain it to the kids.

Director Neelam Singh has taken this to be the central plot for her short film Chi Chi man. She has outlined an effective way in which parents can teach about a good touch and a bad touch to their kids without compromising on their innocence. The narrative is very effective in conveying the message and raising the awareness.

Kudos to the team for taking the subject that attacks the most dangerous crime in our society and educates parents to help their kids stand against it. Watch the movie below and share your comments.

It is a must watch for all the parents.

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