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Watch Super-hit Rustom Movie Online on YuppTV

Guest Post: Watch Super-hit Rustom Movie Online on YuppTV

Guest Post: Watch Super-hit Rustom Movie Online on YuppTV

About the author: The author of this post is a content contributor and is a movie lover.

With three back to back superhits in 2016, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has undoubtedly made 2016 a year to be remembered after him. After Airlift and Houseful-3, Akshay delighted his fans with his latest Courtroom drama and romantic thriller Rustom. It not only became one of the highest-grossing movies of the year but was liked by critics and movie buffs alike. Not to forget, the music of this film was among the chartbusters of the year too. The film, which was released on the weekend of Independence Day also won accolades from Indians living abroad. The movie has already completed its run at the box office but in case you wanted to watch the film and missed it, don’t worry as here is good news for you.

YuppTV, a favorite over the top content provider on the internet, is going to release Rustom on their official website and application. Though the online release is not for India, the Indian Expats living abroad must be rejoiced by this news as they can now watch Rustom online. Rustom, which is based on the famous Nanavati case of 1959 follows the story of a handsome Naval officer Rustom Pavri (played by Akshay Kumar) who kills his wife’s boyfriend and soon the whole drama behind it unfolds. Rustom, after getting married to Cynthia (played by Ileana D’ Cruz) has to go on a 6-month trip due to work commitment. Rustom’s assignment is finished earlier and when he returns he finds his wife in the arms of a millionaire Vikram Makhija. This infuriates the naval officer, and he kills Vikram. Rustom then surrenders to police and decides to defend his case by pleading innocent. There is more to this instance as the local media takes immense interest in Rustom, thus, making this case an attention seeker for the public.

What makes the movie more thrilling is the drama and suspense which unfolds in the process of the jury declaring Rustom Pavri innocent, stating that it was a case of passion instead of murder. As usual, Akshay Kumar has portrayed the character of Naval officer at its best, like no one else can.

If you ever miss watching some movie due to your hectic schedule, sit back and relax as you can easily watch your favorite movies online anytime and anywhere. Watching movie online has become a hot trend because of its accessibility and the comfort it provides. So brace yourselves to watch Rustom on YuppTV. Tune in to watch this excellent suspense thriller Rustom in good video quality on YuppTV.

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