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Queen – is a Hindi coming of age drama released in 2014. Rani’s wedding is cancelled by her fiancée on the eve of her wedding date. To overcome the depression she decides to travel to their planned honeymoon destination Paris and Amsterdam all by herself. Queen follows her journey where she rediscovers herself.

Queen is the first outing for Vikas Bahl to direct a movie all by himself post working as a co-director for Chillar Party. He has completely relied on Kangana Ranaut to carry the story on her shoulders and she has done a brilliant job. The movie has a sarcastic take on the society which dominates women. The scene where she tells that all her life she has always followed someone else’s order and never led a life as she had wanted to – says it all. Amit Trivedi’s music is very pleasant. Overall Queen is bold and beautiful. As Rani says “My sense of humor is good but you would take some time to understand” you would come out of the hall with a smile on your face.

Must Watch