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Petta Review

Petta Review – Petta is a Tamil action drama released in 2019. Kaali an elderly man joins as a temporary hostel warden in an arts college. There seems to be a hidden agenda behind his move which forms the core plot of Petta.

Petta, a fanboy film of Rajnikanth works its magic in bringing back many nostalgic memories of Rajnikanth movies in terms of shots, action blocks and situations. One big thing that it misses out is on the emotional connection to the character played by Rajnikanth on screen. Barring that it is an out and out entertainer. Like as in flashback sequences for Shankar, twists have become the regular feature in director Karthik Subburaj’s films. Personally, for me, the twists haven’t worked while it seems to have worked with many audiences. The twist of the tale in Jigarthanda and Pizza too did not work for me.

Petta’s first half is a wholesome entertainer, it has comedy, love, action sequences, songs, Thalaivar Swag all making it very enjoyable. The second half narrates an entirely a different story on a different canvas, that almost makes the first half irrelevant to the whole plot. The high orchestration builds up music is generously used in the second half BGM that might have worked well for the first day first show crowd but becomes cloying and making the climax appear to be elongated one. As it has been touted to be the second Baasha of sorts, I can’t resist doing a comparison to the old cult classic which again portrayed a dark side of Rajnikanth. But the first half characters lead back into the flashback as well and when the story connects back all of them are still relevant. That made you connect with the purpose of the lead character. That missed in Petta.

Besides the flaws, Petta is still a well made Tamil film that has many brilliant portions that would make you watch it again. First and foremost is the villaneous avatar of Rajnikanth and he plays it with so much ease and brings a terror on the screen as he gets involved in fights. It was refreshing to see Simran on screen after a long time. You just wished she had more screen time. Nawazuddin is the ideal choice for the Villain, the role is tailor made for him and he plays it to perfection. If you remove the fan flair of Petta, there is a raw gangster tale beneath it, that seems to be a very powerful one and left unexploited for the want of a breezy first half.

High Points: Rajni’s presence, the interval block, entertaining first half, the market fight scene, a Flashback sequence, inclusion of Simran

Low Points: Overuse of the build-up BGM, Twist after twist just for the sake of it

Overall, Petta is a true fanboy flick that captures all fanboy moments in a Rajni film. Lack of emotional connection to the main character makes it fall short of being a milestone movie. Yet there is lots to look for in Petta.

Worth a Watch


Jigarthanda – is a Tamil Gangster Drama released in 2014. Karthik an aspiring film director follows a terrifying gangster in Madurai to read his life and create the script for his movie. 

The movie had a lot of promises right from the promos, posters and the trailer. The end product has turned out to be decent but the length of the movie is far too much than deserved by the script. Director Karthik Subburaj has yet again produced a script that has not been typical of any Tamil movies. Kudos to him for taking up such a plot, believing in it and making it into a full length feature film. If the length has been reduced by 45 minutes or so the movie would have been much more enjoyable. There is a drag in the movie for the first 45 minutes and the last 45 minutes. You would enjoy the parts around the intermission stage. The savior for the script is acting of Simha. Right from his introduction scene he has taken the movie on his shoulder. Siddharth has done his part well. Lakshmi menon has very minimal scope in the movie and her character does not gel well with the storyline. The background score has been done well. The shots are taken very well.

Overall the dessert (Jigarthanda) is cloying and you might enjoy it in parts would be a good one to watch in the theater.