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Ain Review

Ain Review – Ain is a Malayalam drama film released in 2015. Maanu is a lazy and aimless youngster living in Malabar area. He has a weird interest towards the smell of blood from the slaughtering of animals. Things change when Maanu happens to witness a murder which makes him flee from his village. This movie has won the National Award for the best feature film in Malayalam.

Director Sidhartha Siva has painted the life of a jobless youngster very well. He has brilliantly used the canvas of local political situation. The movie questions the responsibility of an individual towards the society. While there are organizations fighting for rights of animals there are a lot of human slaughtering that goes unquestioned. Thanks to Bengaluru Film Festival, I was able to see this on a big screen.

The tone of the movie is very realistic and takes you into the life of an aimless youth in the region. The nativity of the region is very well covered in the movie. The script has a very good sense of humor built in which makes it a very interesting watch. In particular, the dream sequences of Maanu are well done. The lead actor Musthafa has portrayed the character of Maanu very well.  There are no dramatic turns in the movie. The movie just captures the coming of age process of the lead character.

High Points: The performance of Musthafa, a very realistic tone, the nativity of the Malabar area, the dream sequences

Low Points: If you are not aware of the Malabar area you might miss many subtle things portrayed in the movie

Overall Ain (The Eye) is a movie made sincerely. Although about an aimless youngster, the movie has an aim in questioning some of the social injustice that happens and emphasizes the duty of the citizen to stand up for it. If you are interested in watching good cinema without the usual song and dance then this one is a must watch.

Must Watch

London Bridge Review

London Bridge Review – London Bridge is a Malayalam romance drama released in 2014. Vijay is a successful businessman settled down in London. He gets the chance of his life to become the son in law of another famous businessman CS Nambiar. But with a strange turn of events a girl who is the bread winner of a poor family gets hit by his car and her right hand is paralyzed which prevents her from taking up a job. What will Vijay do now is the story of London Bridge.

London bridge did not work for me. Other than the pleasant visuals of London and UK countryside there was nothing enjoyable in this tale of romance. Majority of the movie happens in UK barring a few scenes in India. Through the entire movie the lead pair looks jet lagged. Nandita Raj’s expression is between A and B. Most of the intense emotional sequences fall flat with her single expression face. Prithivraj has tried hard to act but the chemistry between the pair goes missing. The plot of the story is very unique where the conflict is between the romance and morality of self. However it takes a U turn trying when the transition in the hero almost happens very quickly and you would be able to guess the call he would take naturally in the end. The second half of the movie happens to be just a formality to witness the predictable eventuality. If the stress has been made more on the inner conflict of the hero and kept him strong till the end of the movie it would have made a very interesting tale.

Prathap Pothan and Andrea Jeremiah are a big plus for the movie. Although they don’t have much scenes but the sequences they are present are watchable. Another drawback in the movie is its length and pace. The pace is too slow.

Overall this is a forgettable movie for Prithivraj. It had the promises but has failed to deliver on it.

Can Skip it

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Vellimoonga Review

Vellimoonga Review – Vellimoonga (Barn Owl) is a Malayalam political drama released in 2014. The movie revolves around the life of a middle aged man Mamachen who is still single and actively involved in politics. He aspires to setup his family and also rise up in politics but it is not easy as people who are jealous of him try to play spoilsport.

The movie had released without making much noise and is a very engaging drama. There is no unnecessary song and dance in the movie. It is filled with some neat performances, humor and dialogues. As the plot is drawn on a political canvas every character in the movie talks a lot. Hardly will you find any silent sequence in the movie. Biju Menon is a great choice for the role and he has carried out his role with perfection. His acting and his unique mannerisms would make Mamachen character loved by the audience. The way he always finds a way to ride in the front seat of the jeep, never pays for his ride  and his mom says that he never travels in an auto as it does not allow him to sit in the front are great examples to develop a character. Aju Varghese is very successful in making us laugh yet again. The rest of the characters in the movie are also developed well and help in moving the story along. Director Jibu Jacob has presented an engaging political drama that is fresh and satisfying. The election preparations and processions have been done well. He has also very well portrayed how the meaning of Khadi clothes has changed over time from Gandhiji to the current politicians. It has now become a trademark of Indian politics. Usually for political drama Chanakya would be used as a symbolism, but the use of Barn Owl as a symbolism in the movie is very creative.

Overall the movie is a very enjoyable affair. If you like movies with political background you would definitely enjoy Vellimoonga. There is never a dull moment in the movie and it entertains you throughout.


How Old Are You

How Old Are You – is a Malayalam coming of age drama released in 2014. Nirupama Rajeev an ordinary stereotypical wife, a mother from a middle class family is losing her identity within her family and then the society. She has to turn her low point around to establish her identity back.

This one is a nicely crafted coming of age movie for a wife, a mother of thirteen year old in a middle class family. Director Roshann Andrews also has used the importance organic food produce and how every household can achieve this right on their terrace as a backdrop for the movie. Particularly after his success of Mumbai police this one is a very different subject and equally very appealing. The use of foreshadowing  sequence where in the lead actress is in a traffic block waiting for the president’s convoy to pass by is very effective. Manju Warrier has done an excellent job with her role and is a very fitting choice. Overall this one does not have a single dull moment and engages throughout.