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Guest Post: Aligarh Review

Guest Post: Aligarh Review

Guest Post – This review is written by Ritu Verma working as part of PngFever

The movie Aligarh is all about the lonely life of a homosexual person in this society. Siras is the main character which is being played by Manoj Bajpayee. This movie would definitely question us our morals and our reactions to other’s sexual needs which wouldn’t match with your own or you would think is not right. If any film that makes you think twice before giving final responses after having watched would be a great film for sure.

The story was taken from a heart breaking and true story of Professor Ramchandra Siras who in the year 2010 was forced to leave from the Aligarh Muslim University after getting caught involving in the sexual activity with a male rickshaw puller. He was trying to have physical relationship with that male rickshaw puller.

The movie gives the strong message to the Society to changes their mind sets about the homosexual persons. This type of person should be treated with respect and they are not different from all of us. They are the part of our society as well and not different from anyone.

The movie Aligarh is like a jugalbandi between a man of nervous energy and man of stillness. Rajkummar Rao essays the journalist Deepu Sebastian role and Manoj Bajpayee plays Dr. Siras role. The movie is a completely unique step in reality cinema which uses actual places and people involved in the real incident. The film shows the psyche and personality of Siras. It also considers his inner life: his advancing age, loneliness and the humiliation and betrayal in his life.

Aligarh movie is worth watching and surely change your thinking regarding Homo Sexual person. After watching it, you would be able to think about them in a different way for sure.



Anjaan – is a Tamil action drama released in 2014. A Mumbai gangster seeks out revenge against a rival for the murder of his close friend.

By now many of you have read reviews about Anjaan. I had a very low expectation when I went to watch it. The core plot of the movie has some substance for it to become a blockbuster. A gangster’s revenge saga would heavily depend upon screenplay and build-up of characters but the movie totally failed in this department. There is a 20 minute block in the middle of the script which you might find engaging but the rest is so disconnected and far from the plot that it spoils the entire product. Director Lingusamy should start working with new screenwriters for fresh thoughts. He is still sticking to sequences like introducing an innocent guy and later reveals he is a violent guy when he starts bashing up all villains closing the gate. The whole unit seemed to have banked on the charismatic presence of Suriya and never bothered to shape up any other character including the supposedly treacherous villain Manoj Bajpayee who barely gets 3 sequences in the entire movie, he doesn’t look treacherous at all. Samantha who is not significant for the movie plot gets more screen time than Vidyut Jamwal and Manoj Bajpayee. The dialogues writing department has run out of creative ideas and the dialogues in the first half reminded me of those dubbed Hindi soap serials running on TV. Suriya has performed well as Raju Bhai, he looks stylish but as Krishna he is not even half convincing.

Overall this would be a movie Suriya and Lingusamy would have to forget and move on.

Can skip it