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Biriyani – is a Tamil thriller released in 2013. Sugan and Parasu stop at a road side restaurant to have biriyani. But they seldom realize this would put them into an unimaginable situation for being chased by police for a link to a murder and their family being targeted by goons. How they get involved in this situation and where they able to get out of it is the plot for the movie.

Director Venkat Prabhu known for coming up with some creative situations for Tamil movies has done it once again for biriyani. But it falls short of being as tasty as it claims to be. The screenplay is carved out the same template the director has done in his previous movies. There are – a group of friends, goons involved in heist, good cop and corrupt cops, business man wanting to more power, an item girl trying to woo the guys. A majority of the movie sails on the same lines. There is very little that can differentiate this from others. Karthi and Premji had tried hard to keep the audience engaged and have a hearty laugh… but their success is few and far between. Instead of falling into the trap of his previous plots if the director had spent efforts to perfect the script this biriyani would have been very yummy but it just ends up with more masala and less of taste.

What you would like: The visuals, the main plot, occasional thrills and laughter

What you may not like: Same old treatment of the screenplay, unrealistic and forced in sequences

Overall this dish might be enjoyed if you don’t crave for a biriyani and have it at home.

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