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Old Boy

Old Boy – is a South Korean suspense thriller movie released in 2003. A man named Oh Dae-su is abducted and imprisoned in a dark room for 15 years. In the meantime he learns his wife is murdered, he is the prime suspect for the murder and his daughter is adopted by a Swedish family. After 15 years he is released on the roof top of a tall building. He is out to find the reason why he has been tortured to this extent and vows to take revenge on his abductor.

The movie is known for its unique plot. It is strictly for mature audience for its content and it is gross in parts. The tone has been set like that to give the impact of the torturous life the lead character has gone through. As the movie progresses Oh Dae-su discovers the identity of the kidnapper and the story unfolds. The screenplay is done brilliantly and the climax would leave you dumb stuck. It is a movie that has the potential of keeping you disturbed and at the same time give a feeling of having watched a brilliant movie. The plot of keeping a man abducted in an unknown room for unknown reason has been used in various movies which had released later including the recent Tamil movie Ivan Vera Mathiri. Overall this is a must watch if you have open mindedness and have a strong heart.

Must Watch – not for the weak hearted


Memories – is a Malayalam suspense thriller released in 2013.  A police officer is on long leave due to depression caused by killing of his wife and kid due to vengeance. He is summoned to pick up a difficult and challenging case involving serial murders. Was he able to pick it up, was he able to track the killer is the plot of memories.

Director Jeethu Joseph proves to be a great story teller. He has weaved the events very well and has unfolded the mystery very aptly. At the end you would walk out with a satisfaction of watching a nice movie. Prithviraj shines in the role of a depressed cop. Sujith Vassudev’s work on cinematography is a great plus for the movie. He has captured the essence of the narration brilliantly. Overall the movie keeps you guessing till the end and leaves you with good memories. If you are fan of suspense thrillers you will love this one.

Must Watch

Villa – Pizza II

Villa – Pizza II – is a Tamil horror thriller film released in 2013. Jebin is an aspiring novel writer who is struggling against odds for financial stability post the loss in his father’s business. Post his father’s death he discovers that there is a villa in his name in Pondicherry. He goes there only to discover that the villa is full of paintings done by his father. To his shock many of the paintings were predicting incidents that would occur to him in the future. What happens next in the Villa is the plot of the film.

Director Deepan Chakravathy has done a pretty neat job for a first timer. He has been able to give a script that definitely engages the audience throughout. There are not many thrilling sequences that you would find in a horror film but the subject of science behind superstition keeps one interested. The best part of the movie is its length. Kudos to the director for keeping the length of the script under 90 minutes. It is always difficult to find a balance between science and myth. Naturally the story struggles when it tries to draw line between the two. If you don’t look for a path breaking answer of finding scientific reasons for all the myths (which the movie initially sets the expectation to deliver) you would not get disappointed.  Overall the movie is a watchable one for its crisp story line and production quality with the given budget.