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Oru Naal Iravil Review

Oru Naal Iravil Review – Oru Naal Iravil is a Tamil thriller film released in 2015. Shekhar, an NRI lives with his family of wife and two daughters. He gives into the temptation of sleeping with a call girl. His friend Suri an auto driver arranges for it in an unused shop near his house. Circumstances lead them to be locked in the shop through the night and Shekhar fears of getting shamed if someone opens the shop during the day.

This is the debut directorial venture for editor Anthony. The film is a slick 100-minute thriller without too much of frills. Given this is the first movie for Anthony the output is definitely good and keeps the audience engaged throughout. The casting of the movie is also good. Sathyaraj’s performance stands out in the movie. He makes us feel the pressure of the situation very well. He shines in the scene where he hesitantly looks out of the auto as his friend talks to the call girl and immediately gets as she sees him. He is ably supported by Anumol, Yugi Sethu and Varun.

The movie is based on the Malayalam movie Shutter released in 2012 directed by Joy Mathew.  However, he has carefully tread over the boundary of maintaining the idealism of the protagonist. He could have been bold in crossing the boundary and shown the weaker side of the protagonist without having it look like a induced situation due to compulsion.

High Points: A slick thriller, No unwanted sequences, Sathyaraj’s performance.

Low Points: The plot has certain holes that help in creating the conflict.

Overall Oru Naal Iravil is a decent thriller movie that would keep you engaged throughout. If you are a fan of thriller movies go and watch this one. Looking forward to more such ventures from Anthony.

Worth a Watch