Kumki –  In villages adjacent to forest areas the threat of wild elephants are a growing concern. During the harvest season they rampage the fields for food causing the whole year of hard work by the farmers go in vain. In order to circumvent such issues they hire trained elephants which are called  “Kumki elephants” to guard the crops and chase the wild elephant away. The movie revolves around the story of one such village wanting to protect their people and crops from a dreadful wild elephant. They are in search of a mahout and a trained Kumki elephant. In a scheme of things the protagonist Bomman who owns a pet elephant ends up taking his elephant to do the job. However his elephant is domesticated and has no skill what so ever to guard the village against the wild elephant. Bomman falls in love with the daughter of the village head and decides to extend his stay there. Life is happy till the wild elephant comes into the village and starts attacking… What happens is the rest of the plot.

The plot is unique and new. Prabhu Solomon should be appreciated for taking up such a plot and to make a movie. The way the incidents build up to the climax is very well done. The biggest positive of the movie is the cinematography. They have captured the beautiful forests of Shimoga and Kerala very well. However the movie falls just short of what could have been a fairy tale in the climax. Not many audience would have been happy with how the director had ended it… But still you could watch it for the excellent plot, beautiful locations and its visuals.


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