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Thattathin Marayathu

Thattathin Marayathu – is a Malayalam romance drama released in 2012. A Hindu boy living in Kerala falls in love with a Muslim girl. Were they able to get together in life is the plot of Thattathin Marayathu.

Thattathin Marayathu means “behind the veil”. A very apt title for the movie as it is related to the beauty of the lady behind the veil. A very well-known plot of an Indian romance movie, yet the movie is enjoyable for the way it has been presented, the characters are sketched and the sequences are tied together. The nativity of Malabar area is captured well and people from that area would be able to relate to the movie and its location better. Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese have delivered a very convincing performance for director Vineeth Srinivasan. One of the big positives for the movie is that the scenes are very realistic and sketched with a feel good factor in it. If you are a fan of feel good romantic entertainers this one is a must watch for you.

Must Watch


Brave – An animation fantasy film from Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney. A princess takes a brave step to follow her heart against the will of her mother. In an effort to change her mother’s heart the steps she takes results in unforeseen circumstances that threatens to lose her mother forever. She races against time to mend what she had done… Did she succeed? Was she able to change her Mothers heart?… is the story of Brave.

This is the first fairy tale from Pixar. The screenplay is slick and builds up to the message that you would see in many of the Pixar movies “Follow your Heart”. Although the usual message, the movie stands out of the crowd for the way it is presented. This movie won the Academy Award for the best animated feature film in the year 2012. The visuals are stunning and they have recreated the landscape of Scotland in computer generated images. The amount of complexity of the visuals had posed a challenge to the Pixar Studios and they rewrote their entire animation system. The result is a visual treat. They did not stop with the visuals but they also employed Dolby Atmos sound technology for the first time. This sound technology  is picking up very fast in the Indian film industry as well. Shivaji 3D, Vishwaroopam, Anybody Can Dance adopted this sound technology and there are many more to join this bandwagon soon. For the stunning visuals and a wonderful fairy tale this is a Must Watch

Must Watch – for Animation Fans


Kumki –  In villages adjacent to forest areas the threat of wild elephants are a growing concern. During the harvest season they rampage the fields for food causing the whole year of hard work by the farmers go in vain. In order to circumvent such issues they hire trained elephants which are called  “Kumki elephants” to guard the crops and chase the wild elephant away. The movie revolves around the story of one such village wanting to protect their people and crops from a dreadful wild elephant. They are in search of a mahout and a trained Kumki elephant. In a scheme of things the protagonist Bomman who owns a pet elephant ends up taking his elephant to do the job. However his elephant is domesticated and has no skill what so ever to guard the village against the wild elephant. Bomman falls in love with the daughter of the village head and decides to extend his stay there. Life is happy till the wild elephant comes into the village and starts attacking… What happens is the rest of the plot.

The plot is unique and new. Prabhu Solomon should be appreciated for taking up such a plot and to make a movie. The way the incidents build up to the climax is very well done. The biggest positive of the movie is the cinematography. They have captured the beautiful forests of Shimoga and Kerala very well. However the movie falls just short of what could have been a fairy tale in the climax. Not many audience would have been happy with how the director had ended it… But still you could watch it for the excellent plot, beautiful locations and its visuals.