Mundaasupatti – is a Tamil comedy film released in 2014. In a fictitious village Mundaasupatti the residents are very superstitious and due to some past incidents believe that taking the photograph of a person would cause the death of the person and are against taking photographs of any person alive. A photographer from a near by town falls in love with the daughter of the village head of Mundaasupatti. Was he successful is the plot of Mundaasupatti.

Director Ram has taken the concept he has shot for his short film in Nalaya Iyakunnar and made it into a full length feature film. It is very risky to expand a short film into a full length feature film. However Ram has done a good job in adding some entertaining elements to the script which makes the movie a good time pass watch. The middle portion of the movie is bit dragging which could have been avoided and it would have made a good 90 minute feature film. As it is a period based subject the costume design plays a very important part in the movie which has given very comic tone to the package. Overall the movie is definitely worth a watch for its creative plot.




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