Un Samayal Arayil

Un Samayal Arayil – is a Tamil romance drama released in 2014. This is a remake of Malayalam hit movie Salt N’ Pepper. Kalidasan is a food lover and an archaeologist. He is still unmarried in his early 40s. An accidental phone conversation brings him and Gowri a dubbing artist together and they find a soul mate in each other through their common interest in food. But they are hesitant to meet each other in personal with a fear of being rejected.

The movie is unique that it uses the love for food bringing about love between two persons. The first half of the movie is very engaging and you tend to fall in love with its lead characters. However a major part of the second half the movie is distracted by focusing more on the second set of characters and with two songs for them is a drag. The movie again gets on track when it starts focusing on the main characters and food. Ilayaraja’s music, performances of Prakashraj and Sneha and tasty food is a big plus for the movie. Drag in the second half screenplay and non-related locations to relate to audiences across states are few things which would make you bored. Overall this dish is good for Take Out.

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    1. I haven’t seen the original yet… I will watch it some day… the story looked similar… but there is a sub plot involving a tribal man which seemed out of place not sure how that was handled in the original.

        1. Oh I see… I didn’t understand why that sub plot was there tried to think of reasons couldn’t find one convincing reason other than a social message.. I think they have stuck to the original but for the climax scene which they have made it bit more dramatic…

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