A Dirty Carnival

A Dirty Carnival – is a South Korean neo-noir film released in 2006. An upcoming film director Min Ho has to read a gangster’s life to create the script for his gangster movie. He follows and interviews his high school friend turned gangster Kim Byung-doo to understand the life of a gangster and make his movie. When the movie is released it is so close to the reality of the crime Byung-doo was involved in that he now has to kill Min Ho to save his secrets.

Sounds similar? Well this is the movie that many of the movie buffs have compared with Jigarthanda. Only the central plot is similar but the genre, treatment, the actual conflict and where the movie heads to is vastly different. They are two different movies with different story. So stop comparing the two movies.

A Dirty Carnival is a very serious gangster movie in itself. The movie is so realistic to the life of gangsters. You would see some realistic looking fights rather than the cinematic fights with visual effects. The movie right from the start follows Kim Byung-doo who is leading the life of a gangster and struggling to make his ends meet with an ailing mother, dependent brother and sister. The story is about his rise to power, his love for his childhood friend, his interactions with Min Ho for the movie script and the final conflict he gets into where he would have to kill his friend to live free. The story is very engaging right from the start. You would have the experience of looking into the life of a gangster. The performances, character buildup have been done very well. The editing of the movie is outstanding. If you are fan of gangster movies watch this one definitely.

Must Watch – for gangster fans

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  1. Seems like a relistic movie to watch, I tried watching that Godfather but was not able too… I like infact I have very few favorite tamil movies, but Nayakan is one movie that’s my favorite one and its a gangster movie, Slolay is really entertaining though its because of other reasons. Yesterday I watched a bit of basic instinct and got scared, more than checking out a real ghost sort of movie though it shows that that movie is out of what say fashion now… the plot and the detective is way too stupid and there can be more the mystery angle than shown there…anyway!!… anyway watching most movies is waste of time but we all do it, all sorts of movies… I thought basic instinct will be like species though I did not like the species movie a tall saw a bit of it when browsing tv, instead of sleeping…anyway.

    1. Yes this one is a very good movie to watch. You should try watching Godfather as it is one of the movies which is like a reference book for all Don movies. Basic Instinct and Species are not my genre of movies so haven’t watched them…

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