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Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 Review – Deadpool 2 is an English superhero action movie released in 2018. In the sequel to the movie released in 2016, Deadpool has to take on a time traveler by name Cable to stop him from killing a mutant kid.

Deadpool has been popular for being a bad ass superhero who likes to fight dirty. Well, he continues to fight as expected out of him. As the movie begins we see Deadpool setting himself on fire in his house just mocking how Logan died and gained popularity.  Then we jump into an adrenaline pumping stunt sequence followed by funky titles,  just to remind the audience they are going to see what they have come expecting.

From then on the movie goes in a predictable flow with some witty moments and some brilliant breaking the 4th wall moments. This makes the otherwise predictable movie a more enjoyable one. However this time the stunt and action block has a lesser scope and they have tried to use wit and emotion to fill it up. It has just managed to pull the movie over the edge. The formation of X Force and their first sky jump is a high point in the movie.  The climax is a bit too lengthy and barely manages from not becoming a cliche.

Cable, as a character, is dark and made really well.  The scenes involving him are definitely more interesting.  The soundtrack also has managed to keep the tempo of the movie going.

High Points: The formation of X Force, Characterization of Cable and the high way chase sequence, Witty dialogues and breaking the 4th wall, the Post-credits sequence will get you cracking

Low Points: The lengthy climax,  being lesser on action

Overall Deadpool 2 is a worthy sequel to the first installment of the badass superhero. It has most of the elements that are needed to entice the fans of Deadpool and it manages enough to keep the audience entertained.

Worth a Watch

The Big Short Review

The Big Short Review – The Big Short is an American comedy-drama released in 2015. The movie is based on true incidents that happened around the economic meltdown during 2008. The plot revolves around a bunch of individuals who had predicted the fall much ahead and made huge profits from the situation.

The movie relies heavily on some financial terms and concepts that may not be easily understood by common viewers. However, the makers have tried their best to make it very simple for a common man to understand. They have broken the 4th wall very effectively to help the audience understand the concepts so that they can relate to the upcoming incidents. They have popular personalities explaining the financial concepts using metaphors that can be comprehended by common man.

The movie has a star-studded cast that makes it more interesting in terms of some power packed performances. Steve Carell’s performance as Mark Baum is a stand out from others. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling help in decorating the screen well. Kudos to the director Adam Mckay in pulling this out very effectively and also making it appealing to a large crowd.

High Points: Star cast, a plot that is based out of true incidents, Breaking the 4th wall to keep the audience engaged, Screenplay that is not boring a bit

Low Points: The only low point could be this may not appeal to the audience who are not interested in the stock market.

Overall The Big Short is a must watch for all those who invest in stock market. You would be able to appreciate the movie much better. Even if you do not there is a lot that you can learn from the movie as concepts are made very simple to be understood by all. You could go without deep knowledge in the market and yet understand the movie.

Must Watch

Deadpool Review

Deadpool Review – Deadpool is a Marvel superhero movie released in 2016. Wade Wilson, a mercenary leaves his girlfriend as he realizes he has cancer. However, an experimental treatment goes bad degenerates his face and turns him into a badass superhero.

This one is the first installment of Deadpool. He is probably the first superhero with antihero instincts. Deadpool comic character is known for his foul-mouthed language, merciless killing and always seen to break the 4th wall to interact with the readers or viewers. Director Tim Miller has effectively translated all these unique characteristics of Deadpool on to the big screen.

Right from the starting scene the movie makes you laugh. When I mention the starting scene it includes the starting credits which sets you up nicely for the rest of the movie. The major portion of the movie takes a non-linear narration starting from the first attack of Deadpool in a car chasing scene and shuttles back and forth on how he got there then merging onto the flashback of what made Deadpool. This could have been very flat and typical of any superhero movie. This deviation from the norm makes Deadpool stand apart. The breaking of the 4th wall right from the beginning to the end post-credits scene has worked like a charm. It does provides a unique movie viewing experience. For instance, the scene from where he is escaping from Colossus cuffs he calls it a money shot before performing the act.

High Points: Performance of Ryan Reynolds as deadpool, the breaking of the 4th wall, the initial stunt sequence and the visualization of deadpool’s character.

Low Points: Deadpool is what you would expect of a deadpool so no low points here.

Overall get ready to welcome a badass superhero that teases the dark instincts in the viewers. This is R rated for violence and explicit language, watch it without your kids.

Must Watch


Friday Fundas: Breaking the 4th Wall

Breaking the 4th Wall 

4th Wall is an imaginary wall between the stage and the audience in a theatrical play. If a room is being shown then only the set has 3 walls and the 4th wall is the one through which the audience would see the play. The idea of 4th wall was made explicit by philosopher and critic Denis Diderot and spread in 19th-century theatre. This concept has now extended to movies as well.

Breaking the 4th Wall is a term referred to when the characters on the screen interact with the audience. This should not be confused with narration. One of the recent movies which had used this technique is Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi. The entire movie is handled in a way where the lead character is talking to the audience about the the love and breakup with his girlfriend.

Another example for breaking the 4th wall is from the Woody Allen’s Annie Hall

Watch the following opening sequence from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day off. This is another movie which broke the 4th wall and had the main character interact with the audience throughout the movie.

Breaking the 4th wall when used appropriately based on the demands of the script would engage the audience at a different level. However this may not be appropriate for all the movies. This technique is also often used in movies or TV shows targeted for kids.

There is a also an extension of the 4th wall concept which is termed as 5th wall. This is an imaginary wall that exists between the film critics and the film makers. This deals with the barriers in engagement with the film critics and the makers.