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Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review – Oru Oorla Rendu Raja is a Tamil action comedy released in 2014. Azhagu and Michael are jobless youths who meet doctor Priya on a train journey. Azhagu instantly falls in love with Priya.  When they become aware of the social cause Priya is fighting for and the danger lurking over her life they decide to go to any lengths to save her and help her succeed in her cause. Will they succeed is the plot of the movie.

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja has a social message in its core. It seems to be the trend of voicing against the corporate depleting the environment and causing hazard to lives of people. The social message is the only factor of appeal in the movie. Director R Kannan has relied on some average comedy sequences to move the screenplay in which the entire social message gets weak. The comedy is also very forgettable but for very few punches. Vimal and Soori has repeated their template style of movies. Soori has played a dominant role while Vimal has underplayed his role. He should start trying to come out of his template to explore other areas in acting. Priya Anand has a good role to play in the movie. Sundari Penne song has been shot very well. If the director had given more weightage to the social message he wanted to convey rather than fitting the story to the stars it had the potential to become an interesting watch. Also certain shots and the detailing of the shots are just below average.

Overall the movie has very few pluses in terms of its social message and songs. Apart from that the movie falls into the trap of average comedy sequences which you might get to see in 24 hour comedy channels.

Can Skip it

Irumbu Kuthirai

Irumbu Kuthirai – is a Tamil action film released in 2014. Prithvi becomes very quiet and disinterested after his father’s death. He meets a beautiful girl Samyukta and falls in love with her but to win her heart he would need to come out of the shell and take up motor biking he dreads to do.

The first trailer of the movie was very impressive and captures one of the best shot sequences. Apart from that there is nothing much left. Right from the start you see the hero riding the bike slow until the climax sequence. The screenplay is also follows this and overall makes this a very tiring watch. The bike chase sequence has been filmed well and lot of efforts has gone in. However the situations surrounding this are not very interesting. If the movie had focused on its core theme of bikes and bike races rather than romance and all song and dance this would have been an interesting product. Overall it is a slow race.

Lousy Watch 

Arima Nambi

Arima Nambi – is a Tamil Action Thriller released in 2014. Aravind meets Anamika at a bar and they go out on a date but in the same night Anamika is kidnapped and Aravind is on the run to find her but soon he realizes that they are in a larger trap and become fugitives for gangsters and police.

Arima Nambi is seemed to be inspired from many movies with fugitive genre. The lead actors are fugitives with unknown people chasing them. Over and above they are also charged for a murder they haven’t committed. Vikram Prabhu has yet again chosen the genre of action thriller and has performed well. The screenplay is racy and also some of the locations chosen for the movie are very good. The plot however has a lot of loop holes. Some of the scenes are unreal including the first song showing Chennai Hard Rock Cafe serving beer 🙂 If you are willing to ignore all these then you would enjoy this movie.