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Idhu Namma Aalu Review

Idhu Namma Aalu Review – Idhu Namma Aalu is a Tamil romantic comedy released in 2016. Shiva falls in love with Myla at first sight when their parents arrange their meeting for prospective bride and groom. But Shiva has a past break up with Myla’s friend Priya. Will they be able to get together is the plot of Idhu Namma Aalu.

Finally, Idhu Namma Aalu sees the light after so many controversies and obstacles.  Any movie that is been in talks for so long diminishes in product value. Despite that Idhu Namma Aalu did fairly keep the interest with the movie lovers for the star cast it had. Bright and colorful visuals. STR and Nayantara coming together after Vallavan. Andrea playing the role of a third heroine. All these made it into an attractive package. The movie does score well in comedy thanks to Soori. Despite that, the screenplay lacks the punch for it to make a full-length movie. The lack of a proper core conflict makes one yawn through the proceedings.

The sequence wherein the to be wed people speak over the phone for hours ignoring their friends is hilarious and does happen a lot in reality. But giving that more than 15 min screen time is a bit too dragging.

High Points: The star cast, comedy

Low Points: Lack of core conflict in the movie, Until the last twenty minutes there is nothing that would glue the audience to the seat.

Overall Idhu Namma Aalu does have its moments but very few to make it into a full-length feature film. But for the star cast, there is nothing much to look forward to.

Can Skip it

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja Review – Oru Oorla Rendu Raja is a Tamil action comedy released in 2014. Azhagu and Michael are jobless youths who meet doctor Priya on a train journey. Azhagu instantly falls in love with Priya.  When they become aware of the social cause Priya is fighting for and the danger lurking over her life they decide to go to any lengths to save her and help her succeed in her cause. Will they succeed is the plot of the movie.

Oru Oorla Rendu Raja has a social message in its core. It seems to be the trend of voicing against the corporate depleting the environment and causing hazard to lives of people. The social message is the only factor of appeal in the movie. Director R Kannan has relied on some average comedy sequences to move the screenplay in which the entire social message gets weak. The comedy is also very forgettable but for very few punches. Vimal and Soori has repeated their template style of movies. Soori has played a dominant role while Vimal has underplayed his role. He should start trying to come out of his template to explore other areas in acting. Priya Anand has a good role to play in the movie. Sundari Penne song has been shot very well. If the director had given more weightage to the social message he wanted to convey rather than fitting the story to the stars it had the potential to become an interesting watch. Also certain shots and the detailing of the shots are just below average.

Overall the movie has very few pluses in terms of its social message and songs. Apart from that the movie falls into the trap of average comedy sequences which you might get to see in 24 hour comedy channels.

Can Skip it