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Bullett Raja

Bullett Raja – is an action thriller movie in Hindi released in 2013. Somewhere in Uttar Pradesh (UP) a gangster is shot in an encounter, he recounts his past. He was an unemployed youth and becomes a close friend of a courier delivery man at a wedding party.  Thugs attack the house that night, the two friends fight against them and save the family. This fight leads them to a gangster life as they are being targeted by other gangsters and the only way out is for them to stand against them which eventually make them into a Gangster.  They become terrifying duo in the locality with some political backup. What circumstances lead to the encounter is the rest of the plot.

Tigmanshu Dhulia has come up with a very intriguing gangster plot where the gangs are formed for friendship, love and honor and not for money. The casting of the movie has been done well and is very convincing. The sequences leading the duo to a gangster life, some harsh take on rogue politicians and the action sequences are made very well. The movie falters in its length. It could have been a very enjoyable one if it had been short in length without the romance portions as it slows down the pace to a great extent in the mid parts. It seems the makers were not convinced themselves in many occasions as certain scenes look disconnected. The movie however does leave a promising plot to create a sequel and there is a chance for the director to revive this brand eliminating the short comings of the current version.

What you would like: The gangster plot, action sequences, cast and dialogues

What you would dislike: Unfitting romance for the story line, disconnected sequences, length of the movie

Overall the movie is definitely enjoyable in parts, if you are a fan of action flicks and gangster stories then go for it. If not you can wait for the movie to be played on TV.

Wait for DVD /TV – unless you are a fan of gangster movies