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Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Review

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Review – Naanum Rowdy Dhaan is a Tamil comedy film released in 2015. Pandian, son of a police inspector aspires to be a Rowdy. He falls for a hearing impaired girl Kadambari who seeks vengeance with a real rowdy for killing her mother. Will Pandian be able to help her and become a real rowdy is the story of Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.

“நானும் ரௌடி தான் (Naanum Rowdy Dhaan)” is one of the famous dialogues from Vadivelu which is already established with Tamil movie audience. Director Vignesh Sivan has chosen this as the title for his movie which  is very apt for the character of Pandian.  As you would expect from the movie, the story doesn’t get a bit serious at any point in time. Right from the first shot till the last the entire narration is handled nonchalantly. Parthiban is a big strength for the movie and his performance stands out compared to the others. The second notable performance is the dialogues of RJ Balaji. Apart from this the performance of Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara are not up to the mark in comparison to what they are capable of. In particular, I was a bit disappointed by Vijay Sethupathi’s performance. He seems to be disconnected from his character in many places.

George William’s cinematography is a big plus for the movie. He has captured the beauty of Pondicherry very well.  Apart from this everything else in the movie is just above average to keep the audience engaged. Editing and continuity lag in many places cause an unpleasant effect.

High Points: The plot of the movie is entertaining, Cinematography of George, Parthiban’s performance

Low Points: Patchy continuity in many places, average performance of Vijay Sethupathy and Nayantara

Despite the flaws, this is still an engaging entertainer that you can watch without much thinking.

Worth a Watch



Tenaliraman – is a Tamil comedy movie released in 2014. The ministers of Vigada Nagaram plan to bring in foreign traders into the kingdom and setup shops. This leads to poverty of locals. Tenaliraman, the witty and wise minister plans to bring this to the attention of the King and save the people.

Vadivelu’s come back movie after years. Taking up the role of the Tenaliraman is a very wise decision. Tales of Tenaliraman has always been fascinating and still they bring a smile on your face. The movie is a collage of many of the tales you might have read or watched on TV. Director Yuvaraj Dhayalan has neatly arranged it together to create an engaging screenplay. The film also has a very decent production quality. He has also tuned Vadivelu’s acting to suit to the story line. You may not enjoy the movie if you are expecting a laugh riot from Vadivelu like Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi. You would enjoy the movie if you go with an open mind and for Tenaliraman for the wise man he was. Overall the movie deserves a one-time watch.