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Thani Oruvan Review

Thani Oruvan Review – Thani Oruvan is a Tamil action thriller movie released in 2015. Mithran an IPS officer wants to take on organized crime that happens in the society by tracing the links of unrelated petty crimes reported on a daily basis to an organized crime source. But at the source is a fearsome villain Siddharth Abhimanyu who is invincible. Will Mithran be successful in this challenge is the plot of Thani Oruvan.

Director M.Raja has given a very racy thriller that is entertaining for most of the parts. After a long time this is a good break for Jayam Ravi. The script has been developed with the sole intention of giving a compelling thriller. They have failed to establish the core conflict very well. The reason why Mithran is so passionate about revealing the organized crime is not established very well as that is the core of the movie. The strength of the movie is Arvind Swamy. He has essayed the character of a fearsome, intelligent and unapologetic badass guy very well. The clashes between Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy are done well.

It was so pleasing to see that there was no bar song, unnecessary comedy track. Hope other filmmakers take clue from this and start concentrating on the strength of the screenplay rather than giving into the temptation of masala formula.

High Points: A very engaging script, Arvind Swamy’s performance and the character of Siddharth Abhimanyu, No unnecessary bar sequences and comedy tracks

Low Points: The length of the movie is bit long for the plot reducing this would have made it more racy, There should have been more effort to create the core conflict very well which would have made this more impactful. There are few loopholes in the plot, which do not get highlighted due to the raciness of the script.

Overall Thani Oruvan is definitely a very engaging thriller that needs to be watched in the theaters.

Worth a Watch

Aambala Review

Aambala Review – Aambala is a Tamil action movie released in 2015. Saravanan runs an organization responsible for gathering people for political meetings, party gatherings. He falls in love with Maya. He soon learns about his father and he has to go in search of him and his younger brother to reunite them back with his mother. The search lands him in a situation he hasn’t imagined.

Aambala is a run of the mill masala movie that has been done with only commercial intent in mind. Vishal fans would have moments to enjoy in the movie. Every scene from the movie is a minimum guarantee scene that would not bore the audience. There is a large ensemble of cast which will keep the screen occupied throughout. Right from the first scene you would feel the screen is crowded.

The plot of the movie is very age old and even the treatment is not anything new. The team has stuck to elements that would make the movie work. They have relied on the comedy elements to carry the movie forward. This is the only saving grace for the movie. But for this there is nothing new that you could expect here. As there are so many characters in the movie the villain himself does not have much screen time and looks weak in the plot.

Vishal is in his home turf and does the role with ease. Hansika is a mere eye candy. Music of Hip Hop Tamizha is different and fresh. The comedy elements are highlight of a Sundar C flick and it works in this with Santhanam and Sathish filling in for that role.

If you are a fan of run of the mill masala movies then give this is a shot or else you can skip this.

Can Skip it