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Thani Oruvan Review

Thani Oruvan Review – Thani Oruvan is a Tamil action thriller movie released in 2015. Mithran an IPS officer wants to take on organized crime that happens in the society by tracing the links of unrelated petty crimes reported on a daily basis to an organized crime source. But at the source is a fearsome villain Siddharth Abhimanyu who is invincible. Will Mithran be successful in this challenge is the plot of Thani Oruvan.

Director M.Raja has given a very racy thriller that is entertaining for most of the parts. After a long time this is a good break for Jayam Ravi. The script has been developed with the sole intention of giving a compelling thriller. They have failed to establish the core conflict very well. The reason why Mithran is so passionate about revealing the organized crime is not established very well as that is the core of the movie. The strength of the movie is Arvind Swamy. He has essayed the character of a fearsome, intelligent and unapologetic badass guy very well. The clashes between Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy are done well.

It was so pleasing to see that there was no bar song, unnecessary comedy track. Hope other filmmakers take clue from this and start concentrating on the strength of the screenplay rather than giving into the temptation of masala formula.

High Points: A very engaging script, Arvind Swamy’s performance and the character of Siddharth Abhimanyu, No unnecessary bar sequences and comedy tracks

Low Points: The length of the movie is bit long for the plot reducing this would have made it more racy, There should have been more effort to create the core conflict very well which would have made this more impactful. There are few loopholes in the plot, which do not get highlighted due to the raciness of the script.

Overall Thani Oruvan is definitely a very engaging thriller that needs to be watched in the theaters.

Worth a Watch

Romeo Juliet Review

Romeo Juliet Review – Romeo Juliet is a Tamil romantic comedy released in 2015. Aishwarya misunderstands Karthick to be a wealthy man and falls in love with him. When they decide to take their relationship to next level she realizes that he is not rich and breaks up with him. Will Karthick be able to win Aishwarya back is the plot of Romeo Juliet.

Producer turned director Lakshman has tried his hands with some tried and tested formula of romance. However the plot uniquely differentiates itself from the lead pairs being the ideal lovers to more self-centered people. When this was a welcome change in the plot, it quickly falls back into the trap of making them those ideal pair. The screenplay is very superfluous and does have a lot of flaws. What keeps the movie ticking is the music and those moments where few of the comedy sequences had worked and brings a laugh. Jayam Ravi has done a decent job in his role while Hansika’s acting chart varies like an ECG graph. The scenes are bit lengthy compared to how precise the modern day scene constructions have become.

When making romantic dramas one of the key things that the writers should pay attention to is the point of view from both male and the female characters. Many screenplay falls into the trap of skewing towards the point of view of just one character. Romeo Juliet is one such screenplay.

High Points: Uniqueness in the plot with self-centered people falling in love, music is a big positive for the movie.

Low Points: Very predictable screenplay, cheesy romantic sequences that had been done and dusted in many movies. It is high time for Tamil script writers to move away from naming their lead character in the romantic drama as “Karthik”.

Overall Romeo Juliet is an average affair that delivers only half of what it had promised to. It would entice people looking for a cheesy romantic drama. You might enjoy it watching this one when played on TV.

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Nimirndhu Nil

Nimirndhu Nil – is a Tamil action drama released in 2014. Aravind grows up in an Ashram and wishes to lead life based on all moral values he has learnt. But he is in for a shock when he comes out of the ashram and starts working. He stands against all immoral values only to find himself get blamed for. Instead of giving into it he decides to connect people across the city who believes in moral values to fight against corruption. Was he successful in his attempt is the plot for Nimirndhu Nil.

Director Samuthirakani has created a brand for himself for making movies with strong social message. Nimirndhu Nil is yet another movie in this genre. The first half of the movie travels around the protagonist identifying various immoral deeds in the society which all of us have taken for granted and are part of it. The approach he takes to bring the wrong doers to light connects with audience well and sets the expectation for a treat as they had seen in movies like Anniyan, Shivaji and so on. However the movie falters in the second half where the screenplay has struggled to untangle the knots it has set in the first half and in the end turns out to be an average flair and the intensity of the message does not have an impact. Overall this is not a bad watch and you might enjoy watching it on TV or DVD.

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